Thermal Ratings Suite

The Thermal Ratings Suite is comprised of modules for the calculation of thermal ratings of line section and substation equipment.

Introduction to the Thermal Ratings Analyzer video

The Suite is a result of our working with major electric utilities here in the Northeast over the past five years with the goal to create a software tool that offers “real-time” functionality. The Software Suite is highlighted by features such as Thermal Ratings analysis, load flow system planning, present inventory and upgrade strategies as well as complete ISO reporting functionality. The program uses the IEEE equations for identifying “limiting factors” for power transmission, and allows the user to strategize and plan equipment and substation upgrades and changes with “real-time” impact calculations. It truly is a dynamic planning and system-wide assessment tool!

Real Time Predictive, Historical and Current Calculations of Limiting Factors
Line Section Equipment specifications are processed through IEEE equations resulting in thermal ratings which are compared with each other to determine the “Limiting Factors” for power transmission. In addition to the ability to calculate the thermal ratings, the program allows you to override the calculated values by inputting ‘Pre-calculated’ values on an equipment by equipment basis. In this way any values from actual measurements taken out in the field can be used in place of the values calculated from the equipment specifications.

“In-Service”/“Out-of-service” dates for equipment allow limiting factor calculations to be based on the state of a line section as of a specific date: Past, present or future.

Present Structure and Status
Inventorying of Line Sections, Substations and their Equipment are some of the key advantages that come with the program.

Facility Assessment
We now have a ‘Facility Assessment’ module which has been integrated with the Thermal Ratings Analyzer. This module allows you to schedule, track and report on (export the information to NERC formatted Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets) the Assessments, Discrepancies, possible Derating and Remediation of Line Sections.
This is the perfect time for you to inventory your Line Sections and have a single point of data entry and access for all your Assessment, Inventory, Planning and Reporting needs.

Planning and Strategy
Using the Equipment ‘In-Service’ and ‘Out-of-Service’ dates allows you to design and plan your upgrade strategies to best support the future needs of your Line Sections and Substations.

Forecast Weaknesses / Plan Updates
With the ability to easily identify and mark equipment for replacement, you can forecast the Line Section and Substation weak points and strategically plan updates to your grid.

Limiting Factor and ISO Reporting
Limiting Factor and required ISO reports can be easily run directly from the program and printed or exported to Portable Document Format (.PDF) files.

User Roles / Security
With the ‘User Roles’ feature you can customize, on a User by User basis, who has access to the system and its associated data. You can setup Users that have full access to the data and you can setup Users that have ‘Read-Only’ access to the data. This data access is relative to which Division the associated Line Sections and Substation belong: Transmission, Distribution or Generation. Using this paradigm you can allow people to see the Limiting Factors, without allowing them to change any information in the system.

User Guide
To get a more detailed understanding of how our Thermal Ratings Suite works you can view our on-line User Guide.

Next Steps
For licensing and pricing information please contact Doug in our National Sales Department at (603) 224-8326,

Introductory Video for the TRSuite Analyzer

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