Facilities Assessment

Our Facilities Assessment module allows you to schedule, track and report on (export the information to NERC formatted Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets) the Assessments, Discrepancies, possible Derating and Remediation of Line Sections.
This is the perfect time, and place, for you to inventory your Line Sections and have a single point of data entry and access for all your Assessment, Inventory, Planning and Reporting needs.

This module seamlessly intergrates your Inventory, Assessments and the required Microsoft Excel workbook/worksheets you need to report your results to NERC. The Thermal Ratings Suite will automatically generate the needed Excel workbook with the simple click of a few buttons.

Select the desired parameters and click the ‘Run’ button.

The result is an Excel workbook with the two worksheets required by NERC’s Facilities Assessment:
1) The list of Discrepancies found; and possibly remediated.

2) The list of Line Sections without any Discrepanicies.

The Facility Assessment module also contains a scheduling feature enabling you to track when Inspections/Assessments are to take place; as well as when the Inspection actually occurred.

Entering the Assessment and its associated results is accomplished via a simple, intuitive interface:

There is also an Assessment Schedule report in the program which enables easy printing (or pdf’ing) of your Assessment/Inspection schedule.

For more information on the NERC requirements visit the ‘Facility Ratings Alert’ pages on the NERC website.

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