NERC Compliance

NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation)

On November 30, 2010, NERC provided an update to the October 7, 2010 Recommendation to Industry entitled “Consideration of Actual Field Conditions in Determination of Facility Ratings.” Transmission Owners and Generator Owners of bulk electric system facilities should review their current facility ratings methodology for their transmission lines to verify the methodology used is based on actual field conditions and determine if their ratings methodology will produce appropriate ratings when considering differences between design and field conditions.

Links to these documents are found on the following NERC Web page:

How does the Thermal Ratings Analyzer help?

While investigating and determining the ratings of your equipment there is no better place to manage the results than in the Thermal Ratings Analyzer.
In the Analyzer you can inventory your equipment along with the associated specifications and ratings. The program can auto-calculate the thermal ratings from the equipment specifications and can also override these calculated ratings on an equipment by equipment basis and store them right along with the equipment; just in case the actual field ratings are determined to be different from the calculated ratings based on the manufactures equipment specifications.
The Analyzer has a real-time interface which allows you to see, and report on, the limiting factors within your line sections and substations.
ISO reports can be generated directly from the program.

Thermal Rating Analyzer features to help meet the recommendations:

  • Inventory: Line Sections, Substation and their equipment
  • Auto-Calculation of thermal ratings
  • Ability to override and specify exact ratings when necessary
  • Real-time / heads-up display of limiting factors within Line Sections and Substations
  • Simple generation of Limiting Factor and ISO reports
  • Attaching documents to equipment for specification verification
  • Audit trail to track changes

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